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I hope you’re having a good week. 

This week, we have a lot on the use of yeasts. CLEAN wine is put to the test. And a lot of news, research and mention of France. It’s been that kind of week!

No sub-categories this week, the newsletter went out on a Wednesday night so trying to play catch up. 

As always, the three sections: 

  • In the Farm & In the Cellar
  • The Wine Business
  • Fun!

In the Farm & In the Cellar

Yeasts to Boost Vine Yields and Quality
En Francais. They’ve had successful tests in using this biocontrol (yeast) to improve yields and apparently quality. 

First Signs of Commercial Slowdown in Organic Wines
“Despite the small 2021 harvest, the organic wine bulk market is struggling in Languedoc-Roussillon and is shrinking in Bordeaux.” This issue very muchs relates to the FACT-B talk.

French Wineries Using Drone Services
My posting this article is pure self-promotion. I will say most people don’t realise how widespread drone usage is in French vineyards. At Vintality we definitely steal a lot of techniques from France.

-2° of Alcohol in Wines Thanks to This Yeast
It’s a promo article, but worth watching alternatives like this. 

Eric Asimov: Are Sheep a Crucial Ingredient for Vineyards and Ecosystems?
Serious question – we’re considering raising sheep, and as part of the business we’d rent them out to vineyards to graze. Is there any interest? 

Making of a 100-Point Wine: A Barolo of Rare Elegance and Energy
What goes into such a highly regarded wine. 

‘We Are All Part of the Same Cycle’: Winemakers Embrace Agroforestry Amid Climate Change
A common theme is having a plan. 

The Ancient Technique That Could Save a Vineyard from Ruin
Biochar. Scientific research is mixed but I need to do a deep dive to see whether the results (either way) are robust or not. 

Smell Rehabilitation
A product that uses smell training we’ve mentioned before. 

Research: Photoselective Shade Films Mitigate Heat Wave Damage by Reducing Anthocyanin and Flavonol Degradation
Some positive results on combatting heat stress. We’ll be sharing more. 

Milk thistle – the Drinker’s Dietary Supplement
I’m only linking to this because its by Jancis Robinson. Make of it what you will!

The Wine Business

PURE Lies: Winemaker Adam Lee Puts a ‘Clean Wine’ to the Test
This is a bit more of a “fun” article as the author goes through and tests a “clean” wine. But there are clear business lessons here in branding, marketing, and customer communication (and honesty?)

This is Why Burgundy is Going to Get Even Pricier
Climate change. 

How Wine and Spirits Companies Are Navigating the Supply Chain Chaos
Lessons, examples, and ideas.

Has Châteauneuf-du-Pape Gotten too Big for Its Boots?
The challenge of changing with time. 

Yellow Tail, Peter Lehmann Owner Puts 7,258ha of Vineyards and Land on the Market
If you’re looking for land…

Tonnes of Grapes ‘Left to Rot’ as Australia Struggles to Shift Wine
Some BC wineries had this challenge writ small. 

Looking for Context, Insight and Knowledge Among Wine Influencers
It’s a bit of “get off my lawn” from those with blogs, the no-nothings of 15 years ago. 

Bad Luck for Italian Wines
Climate models are also not positive for Italy. Hopefully news turns positive. 

Wine & Stagflation: What Will Happen When Wine Prices Rise?
Mike Vesth on current wine economics. 

Wine, Stagflation, and the Strong Dollar Syndrome
More from Mike. 

The Myth Of Aristocracy
California on France. 

Seeing Clearly – Alternative Packaging
I’m optimistic, but we’ll see. Not using glass is an admission of being lower quality, or at least “not fine wine”. 

Thirty-Something Alcoholic Beverage Drinkers Still Trending Toward Wine
This the counter-argument: every generation (so far) has moved to wine as they’ve aged. 

Transcending Our Binary Bonds
More on wine scores. 

How Your Winery Can Differentiate Itself
Some tips and tricks. A little general, but there’s still value. 

Wine Brand Equity Stabilising After COVID, but yet to Fully Rebound
The report is on big brands. 

Pancho Campo on the Wine World and Climate Change
“There’s a lot of greenwashing in the wine industry; there are a lot of companies that claim they’re sustainable… But if you scratch the surface, there’s not much below it. That’s number one.”

Rise of California North Coast Ultrapremium Boxed Wine
It’s possible!


This Basque Winery Is Reinventing Vermouth With a Regional Grape (and Sustainable Methods)
 I love vermouth, both in (and out) of a cocktail. Paper plane, here we come. 

Wine-Buying Tips for People Who Are Running Late
Funny, but also… true?

Why Porto Is the Ideal Getaway for Any Wine Lover
My sister and hubby just returned from Porto on her honeymoon, she loved it. If she loved it, you must too. 

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year

Château LaThief
Another fine wine ponzi scheme. 

Rare Wines and the Man Who Hunts Them
Wines that are rarer than rare. 

There’s a Rhône White Wine Revolution Under Way
Having just read Napoleon’s biography, “France” and “revolution” seem to always produce lively results. 

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