Articles & Resources for October 9th, 2023

Harvest is finishing up, the leaves are changing, and it seems like everyone will get a nice longer winter.

Maybe more time off? Although one colleague said to me – “Having time off in the offseason is a myth that never existed!”

Well, we’re heading to France (SITEVI) again, and we’ve got lots of great articles down below. Take a peak!

In the Farm & In the Cellar
The Wine Business

In the Farm & In the Cellar

What in the World are Natural Winemakers Trying to Do to Us?
Great question.

Wine’s True Origins Are Finally Revealed
Very, very cool. Make sure to give this a read. At Vinitech we tasted some vinifera precursors made into wine, was fascinating.

The Science of Pyrazines in Wine
A really good breakdown which is too difficult to summarise in a sentence. Touches on both environmental and winemaking effects on pyrazines.

The Science of Grape Co-Fermentation
“These results suggest that additions of Viognier at the rates studied here neither improve the phenolic composition nor enhance the color stability of the final wines.”

Why Winemakers Are Split on the Benefits of Concrete Eggs
The article isn’t anti-egg, but rather argues their cost and fragility are big downsides.

Inside Scientists’ Mission to Save America’s Wine Industry from Climate Change
Some minor updates on new research.

Can Alternative Yeasts Lower Wine’s Alcohol Content?

Commission to Reconsider its Glyphosate Renewal Proposal, Sources Say
My initial reaction is this is a positive. But there’s data this is pushing Europe to import more food (thus shifting the environmental burden to other countries). Life, as always, is complicated.

Podcast IDTT Wine 493: Neil Empson Shifted Gears Into Wine
A fascinating conversation with an Italian exporter.

Decoding the Origins of Wine Aromas
Interesting research on the cause of dried fruit aromas (particularly from overly hot years).

Advanced Viticulture Tests the Florapulse

Marco Simonit – Pruning Superstar
He’s becoming popular here.

Australian Wine Research Institute on Smoke Taint

Fermentation Method for Smoke-Tainted Grapes

The Wine Business

New Wine Market Council Study Shows How Consumers Are Shifting in the Wine Category and Desired Price Points
You can read a more detailed breakdown we did in the newsletter. Given the climate right now, useful (USA) data.

Insight & Opinion: Success in the Wine Industry: Winning Younger Consumers
Interesting US research, be careful in reading it that some of the takeaways are related to small sample sizes – for example cities in Kentucky have a large increase in wine drinking because the base was small. Some good data and takeaways though.

A Resurgence Expected at SITEVI
They’re expecting large attendance. We’ll be there!

ChatGPT Sparks Growing Interest in A.I. – Can It Help the Wine Industry?
I think the quickest use for wineries right now is initial content generation. There’s quite a few resources now that speed this process up.

Are Paper Wine Bottles the Future? These Companies Think So.
I’m big in favor of alternative packaging. But these paper bottles last 18 months for red and 12 months for white. What are you selling in packaging that degrades at that point?

WHO Shifts Its Alcohol Narratives and the Wine Industry Faces New Challenges
Broad sweeping statements are wrong 100% of the time. Seriously though, as a parent, child-rearing “science” changes every 5 years. As there, here the truth is in the middle.

Podcast: So You Want to Be a Luxury Brand
On being premium’s premium.

Pt 1: Theories of the Global Wine Glut
Pt 2: Economic Change and the Global Wine Glut
A must-read if you want to understand global wine conditions right now. Discussed in more detail in the newsletter.

Podcast: Derek Brown on America’s Growing Low- and No-Alcohol Movement
A growing trend, I’ve had a few friends ask for no-alcohol wine. Unfortunately, hard to find and never hard of any that’s any good.

How Wine Businesses Are Maximizing Corporate Sales
Some good ideas and examples for growing another market segment.

Climate Change Devastating for Okanagan Grape Growers
Won’t be news to anyone in the industry.

Red Rooster Closes
If you hadn’t heard.

Is Alcohol the New Tobacco?
Shifting norms?

Can Alcohol Improve Your Well-Being?
Psychology today says yes.

Gen Z is Just not that into Beer, Molson Coors CEO says: ‘We’re Moving into Non-alc Products’
This only matters if you think Molson is actually beer.

Can Lowering Mile-High Tasting Room Fees Lure the Next Generation of Wine Drinkers?
Less of a concern in BC with lower tasting fees.

Home Consumption vs the On-trade: Have Pandemic Behaviours Become Entrenched?
IWSR chronicles changes in consumer behaviour.

Podcast: A Canadian Wine Critic Spills All

Wine Future: SVB’s Rob McMillan on Wine’s Biggest Challenges
“In wine sales, the largest milestones are the routine sales of bulk wine on an international basis, and the growth in winery tourism and cellar door sales.”


Inside the Evolution of Crete’s Wine Industry
A friend visited recently and loved the wine.

Rioja’s Civil War
Quality versus mass production.

What You Need to Know About Brazilian Wine
You know who you are.

In Provence, Winemakers Confront Climate Change
Changes are everywhere.

Did Romans Use Wine Fridges?
And are you continuing a millennia-long tradition?

Archaeologists Discover Still-Sealed 5,000-Year-Old Wine Jars in Ancient Egypt Tomb
Now that’s what I call aging!

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