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The Future of Farming is Technological

How does a plant uptake nutrients? 

The honest answer: we don’t know! Think about that for a moment – one of the most basic functions of a plant and we can’t answer it. Yes, we have a number of theories and partial answers. As the soil biome is being better understood, we’re learning the critical role it also plays in making nutrients available to plants. 

But there is just so much we do not know!

In some ways, that’s scary. But it’s also exciting, because it means there are solutions to the climate, sustainability, quality and profitability challenges we are facing.

At Vintality, we believe that science and new technology holds the key to unlocking this potential to produce healthier, higher quality, and more profitable farms. But this technology needs to meet in “in the dirt” – it’s role is not to distance you from the vine and the soil but to enhance your work there. 

In shorthand we call it “Data + Terroir“. Tech, well used, doesn’t replace the master viticulturalist or winemaker but enhances and assists.

That’s what we’re here to do. Help you reduce fertiliser use, implement precision viticulture and management zones, dial in your irrigation, and do it all more sustainably, more profitably and producing better quality fruit

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“It is best to love first what you are fitted to love, I suppose:
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Our flagship product is our bioavailability soil sampling. 

But we provide a range of vineyard services, from EC soil conductivity surveys to petiole analysis. 

Where we talk all-wine industry. Interviews with winery owners, winemakers, viticulturalists, you name it. as well as some of the latest scientific research. 

At Vintality we deeply care about helping vineyards produce the best possible wine. We believe this starts in the soil, where the plant gets almost all its nutrition. 

We saw a novel application of technology to viticulture and haven’t looked back.