About Us

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David Mark


Optimal Soil - Thriving Vines - First-Rate Wine

Vintality is a supportive hub to help you realise all your vineyard aspirations using quantitative data gathering and analysis, precision viticulture tools, community connection with a love for terroir in its truest form.

We are able to do this by turning new tech and scientific research into practical, financially-smart tools for our vineyards. If the end result isn’t producing healthier vines, better fruit and higher quality wine then it’s not worth it. Everything we use or have developed comes from problems our clients have brought to us. Whether electrical conductivity, drones, biovailability soil sampling, it doesn’t matter.

And that means, at the end of the day, they have to meet in the vineyard, whether at the vine or in a soil pit.  Technology that attempts to take you away from the vineyard doesn’t work. We call that “Data + Terroir”.Our goal is to be early adopters of technologies that allow vineyards and winemakers to produce the best possible grapes, and to do so profitably – Data + Terroir.