We Are Vintality

Our small yet dynamic group comprises visionary innovators, data-driven experts, and hands-on agricultural enthusiasts. Together, we’re driven by the belief that technology can enhance sustainability and empower growers to produce their best fruit. Join us on our journey to reshape the future of the vineyard, one breakthrough at a time.

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Sustainable Precision Winegrowing

Vintality is a supportive hub to help farmers realize their vineyard aspirations and build resilience given the challenges of climate change. We work towards improving sustainability and profitability with improved yields, better quality fruit, more efficient labour use, and lower resource cost.
Our mission is to revolutionize winegrowing for the betterment of our communities and the environment. We connect and collaborate to foster resilient vineyards across BC and beyond.

Tech + Terroir

Our vision is to be early adopters of technologies that allow vineyards and winemakers to produce the best possible grapes, allowing each site’s uniqueness to be expressed in their wines, and to do so profitably. We are able to do this by turning new tech and scientific research into practical, financially-smart tools for our vineyards. We believe in the powerful combination of practical viticultural knowledge and leading-edge technology: Tech + Terroir.
If the end result isn’t producing healthier vines, better fruit, and higher quality wine then it’s not worth it. Everything we use or have developed comes from problems our clients have brought to us from their own experience. Whether electrical conductivity, drones, bioavailability soil sampling – we implement innovative techniques while respecting tradition and acknowledging and respecting the complexity of the plants and environments we are working with.
Using quantitative data gathering and analysis, precision viticulture tools, and community connection we meet the unique farming challenges and celebrate the love for terroir in its truest form.

It All Started With Mining

One of the realities of mining is that there are significant investments due to huge payoffs. This investment and payoff drives technological investment and change at a scale that is not possible in agriculture.  Bedrock mapping, GPR, GPS, resistivity, drones… Many of the technologies we use in farming had their start, or were first made practical, in the mining industry.

Integrating geology with soil sampling and other surficial assessments was brought over from mining and oil and gas geologists (and something we’ve done much of). There is technology, for example, we use that can map geology from a soil sample 30 cm deep! For this reason, we were well experienced working in complicated exploration programs, using difficult and advanced technology, and having experience with coaxing out practical uses and results.


What we started noticing was that everything almost all the work we were doing had applications in agriculture. Given our passion for wine, it was a fascinating crossover to take this advanced scientific and technological knowledge and integrate it with modern farming practices.

And this is how Vintality was born! It first started with implementing more advanced soil sampling, and has grown from there into the company you see today.

While we have continued to learn, evolve and grow – our ethos and values started in the wilderness of British Columbia!


Our Values

  • Integrity – We are committed to honest, open-minded collaborations. We uphold respect for each other and the long-term health of the land, This is our legacy.  “Our client’s trust is our number one asset”
  • Innovation – We are continuously learning to provide innovative, creative solutions to the unique realities farmers face today. We revisit and challenge common notions with recent research and novel ideas, while integrating the wisdom and experience of tradition.
  • Actionable Tech – We strive to bridge the gap between time tested farming practices and the latest in science and technology. The end result is not a pretty map, but improved farming practices and an excited team.
  • Be a Positive Force – We approach our work with thoughtfulness and humour. We want to help our clients find joy in their work and give them tools to do their job confidently. We are not consultants but coaches to help you and your team achieve your goals and maximize your potential.

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