Trellising & Posts

Vintality is now a trusted partner of SCDC™ and Magon Empresas™ , providing high-quality, European-made trellising and posts to our local industry.

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Vineyard Trellising

SCDC specializes in the design and manufacture of vine trellising equipment. These trellising products are designed and developed to meet today’s needs for time saving, economy and longevity of use. As partners in the implementation of your trellising projects, Vintality & SCDC ensure an increase in quality and productivity.

Why Choose Vintality & SCDC?


High-quality products that we can confidently stand by.


The latest in vineyard trellising equipment and technology.


Products custom-made for your vineyard.


Designed and manufactured in France.


Custom vine spreader for fast, efficient and controlled lifting and lowering. Available for metal or wood posts. Patented.


Maintain the height and tension of your wires. Custom-fit hanger for your wood posts. Allows constantly adjusting on metal posts.

Planting Stakes

Custom size, shape and thickness. Most common is the U-stake. Can be designed to have a grow tube to fit around. Reusable.

Snow/Rain/Bird Netting

Various types of netting for cold, snow, and bird protection.Fully customisable in type and size. Left on all-year-round and very labour-friendly.

Composite Stakes

Priced like bamboo

And just as light. Also can be used in gardening (as ribbing).

Lasts 80+ years

Durable and strong. Strong enough to be used in construction. Cannot break by hand (try bending it).

Made of Recycled Material

Can be reused. Any size and thickness possible. Typical for vineyards is 1.2m and 8mm.

Intermediate posts, end posts, and accessories with different characteristics depending on the weight-strength they support, from medium to heavy loads for any type of terrain and climate.

Why Choose Vintality & Magon?


Flexible and configurable system allows for user customization


Built to withstand the harsh conditions of agricultural activty


Optimal weight-to-strength ratio for all applications


European steel, designed and manufactured in Spain

Cold Protection

Solution #1: Snow Netting

*Note: We are awaiting images of the snow netting. The current images are of similar netting, but not extended to the vineyard floor.

The snow netting is clipped at top and can reach to the vineyard floor.

  1. A labour-friendly non-porous geotextile alternative, very easy to hook and unhook.
  2. Stays permanently on the trellising and does not interfere with vineyard activities.
  3. Actual setup is customisable. Netting can extend from floor to top of canopy, top of canopy to fruiting wire, or any other distance. It can be vertical or extended down in an inverted V. All customisable.
  4. Double functions as bird netting, shade netting, or hail netting
  5. May be pulled down during the growing season to eliminate need for any tucking.
  6. Different colour options – can be white, black, or other
  7. Guaranteed for 10 years.
  8. Very high-quality, made in Europe.

We believe this netting will qualify for a government grant. Due to it’s double duty as shade / heat protection, it appears to qualify for a crop heat protection grant of up to $50,000.

Solution #2: Heating Cabling

  1. Adapted from airplane defrosting cabling – can operate to at least -40°C
  2. Will warm sap and buds up by a few degrees
  3. Use radiant heat and will not burn vines
  4. Thermostat is built into the cable- will turn off/on at thresholds automatically
  5. Only needed during severe colds so electricity use is minimal
  6. Can also be used in spring and summer to affect plant physiology – for example in a cold summer to improve sap flow and advance ripening by a week or two.
  7. Can be paired with netting for added cold protection.


  1. A power source
  2. An electrician to install, may need to adapt vineyard electricity setup