BCWW: Articles & Resources (06/06/2022)

How’s the week (I almost wrote “weak”) going? 

We’re starting to see heat here in BC. All our plants, herbs, and vegetables at our home just exploded over two days. 

This week, we have a number on wine marketing, biochar, and no/low alcohol. 

As always, the three sections: 

  • In the Farm & In the Cellar
  • The Wine Business
  • Fun!

In the Farm & In the Cellar

New Research

California Researchers Say There’s as Better Way to Detect ‘Smoke Taint’
I think this is really interesting. If I’m reading this right – there are super-tasters who can detech the volatile phenols that are the result of smoke becoming bound with sugar in the berry. Could you use such a supertaster to catch smoke taint very early? 

Sustainability & Climate on the Farm

NYT: Are Sheep a Crucial Ingredient for Vineyards and Ecosystems?
If you’re actually do regenerative agriculture, I think the answer’s yes. Here’s my question to you: Are sheep be feasible at most BC vineyard sites?
AV: Breaking Down Frost Protection
And another one, this one focused on sprinklers (with hard data). 
Webinar: Biochar in Viticulture
The original data I saw on biochar was mixed, but man, there are so many variables that needs to take into account. 
Around the World, Around the World, Around the World Arou…

The Many Challenges of Dealing with Flavescence Doree in France
The vegetal – and human – challenges of dealing with the disease.

France: A New Harvest Insurance to be Finalized for Vineyards
I mention this because it was discussed at FACT-B. There is much more available crop insurance in North America (and BC), but its becoming more challenging. 

Australian Wineries and Vineyards Moving Ahead in the Transition to Net Zero Emissions and to Tackle Climate Change
Australia’s report is further interesting given the work our own SWBC is doing. And the news from way down south looks very positive. 

The Winemaker and the Cellar

Interview: Devyani Isabel Gupta, Winemaker & Viticulturist, Valdemar Estates, Walla Walla
On taking care of yourself. 

Looking For Mental Health Resources? Keep This List Handy
From the Balanced Glass. 

The Wine Business

All BC, All the Time

BC Podcast: You Sip, I Sip with Ben Stewart, Quail’s Gate
Doug Bell of Northern Lights Winery in PG has been doing a great podcast (I should have been sharing earlier). He’s also kicking our ass with 11 episodes to our 4! Give it a listen, here’s the latest episode.

Social & Marketing

Looking for Context, Insight and Knowledge Among Wine Influencers
What is expertise? I’m with Tom Wark in looking positively at Instagram influencers (overall). I think Jancis Robinson and some others have fallen afoul of de la Rochefoucauld’s law: “The old begin to complain of the conduct of the young when they themselves are no longer able to set a bad example.

Changing Times Bring New Opportunities for Careers in Wine Marketing
An interview with Alexis Traverso of Delicato. If you have any interest in working in marketing, definitely check this out as it covers some very wine-relevant points. 

How Wine Can Keep It’s Lead in E-Commerce
The article has a number of ideas, one I caught was improving smartphone purchasing (so making that easier and smoother). Make sure to check out your website on your smartphone!

Hybrid Wine Finds Its Format
It’s a start. 

Marketing Strategy 2022: Key Elements for Successful Wine e-Commerce
8 objectives. 


Young Wine Drinkers Want Variety over Varietals
It fits most of the data we’re seeing

What the Wine Industry Gets Wrong About Marketing to Younger Generations
On ramping is becoming a little harder with price inflation. 


How the Low- and No-Alcohol Movement Is Reshaping the Future of the ‘Drinking Occasion’
This seems to be a growing market. But how feasible is it for BC wineries to make? 

No-Alcohol Wine Bottles Should be Designed to Reflect More than ‘Health’ Benefits
Back to my wine labeling crusade! Better labeling! 

Non-Alcoholic Drinks are Having a Moment. Here’s Why.
Health. Health. Health. 

Nicks and Nacks, Tips and Tricks

How Family-Owned Wineries Became a Source of Innovation for the Industry
You actually saw this in Greece during their major recession. Generational change, handled well, brings rejuvenation that corporations lack. 

Has Boxed Wine Finally Overcome Its Negative Stigma? No.
I’ve been meaning to ask – how have sales of box wine been? They were selling like hotcakes early in COVID, has it stayed that way? 

Alcohol Brands Are Getting into the NFT Space. What Does This Mean for Legal Compliance?
This is American-focused, but if you’re on the cutting edge it still has some great tips. 

What Is Real Wine?
Real Wine.

The Alternative, the Sustainable

Corkscrews to Cans: WA Wineries Adapt to Sustainable Packaging
It’s always good to see what other wine regions are doing. 

Is Criticism of Organic or Sustainable Winegrowing Certifications Adding to Consumers’ Distrust?
I wrote a more detailed comment on LinkedIn. Short answer: no. Long answer, read it here. P.S. if we’re not connected on LinkedIn, please reach out!


Why the Wines of Alsace Shine so Brightly
Club Oenologique region profiles are always so beautiful and interesting (this one’s a tad short though). 

Five Turning Points in the Evolution of Wine
How wine became what it is today – from an anthropological perspective. 

Taking Pinotage Seriously: A Vertical of Kanonkop’s Black Label Pinotage
A look at how Kanonkop handles a varietal you see very little of in BC.

Humour: How Engineers See the Water Glass in California
I can identify with this one haha: “Consulting engineer: How much water would you like?”

How to Navigate the Growing Diversity of Orange Wine
I’m glad this is making something of a comeback. 

Australia’s 52 Top Wineries of 2022
Also a look at their experience with (and data from) the bush fires. 

Flashback: Spanish Wine Challenges & Opportunities
Mike Veseth on Spain. 

Buzz Arlett and the Minor Leagues of Wine
A fun little piece if you love baseball. 

Ticking Off the Wine Bucket List
Mathematician Neal Hulkower is planning ahead. 

Syrah or Shiraz: Which Camp Are You In?
THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE RIGHT ANSWER!!! Right? Important stuff! (But actually its a fun history of the wine and name). 

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