Articles & Resources for March 12th, 2023

Another week, another dollar. Or grape. Or glass of wine. Or something. 

Here we go!

In the Farm & In the Cellar
The Wine Business

In the Farm & In the Cellar

A Case Study in Growing an Emerging Wine State
Making wine and farming a little differently in New Mexico.

Winemakers Are* Reimagining Grape Waste as a Resource
*have been for a long time.

Jamie Goode: When We Taste Wine, How Accurate Are Our Perceptions?
A lot to say. 

Grazing-Based Viticulture ​​​​​​​
“You have to understand something: a lot of people get into this business because they love wine. But I love this system. And I love wines’ ability to drive this system and express its benefits.’”‘

After the Flood Pt. 1
After the Flood Pt. 2
Advanced Vit looks at soil moisture data after major wetting events. 

Agrobiodiversity Dynamics in a French Wine-growing Region
Researchers look at vine diversity in parts of France and argue that there’s less monoculture than you’d expect. 

Winemaking Needs More Science Knowledge
Fabio Mencarelli argues we’re making some basic winemaking mistakes. 

Winter Pruning in the Vineyard – 5 Myths Debunked
A decent breakdown. 

Podcast: Cary Gott, Vineyards & Winery Estates, Napa Valley
A man who loved Zinfandel. 

Regenerative Viticulture: The ‘New Viticulture’ or a Backward Step?
This makes a very clear (and I believe correct) case that regenerative should not be dogma – or it will be wrong. There is no “one size fits all” for farming – and tilling is a great example. 

The Wine Business

BC: Businesses Given More Time to Make Outdoor Patios Permanent
Good news. 

Liquor Stores Entice Gen Z With New Signage, Health-Conscious Products, And Social Media
The spirits category is showing the path forward. 

Insider Talk
Are critics who we make them out to be?

It’s a Fight Between Celebrity Wines and the IYI’s. The Celebrities Win
Against gatekeeper-ism. Which is fine, I just don’t love the dominance of celebrity anywhere.

The Sky is Falling Again: So Put Ingredients on the Label
” The wine industry is suffering from innovationism, lack of vision, and resistance.”

Are Lighter Bottles in Sight?
Jancis Robinson takes a look.

Devil’s Advocate – Sommeliers are Now the Trendsetters of the Drinks World
Sommeliers over wine critics. 

Key Trends for Wine in 2023 and Beyond
An excellent article summarising some (mostly positive) trends. 

Vinexpo America: Drinks America Raises the Bar; Delivers Successful 2023 Show with Record Attendance
Just showcasing this because its good news – things are returning to “normal”. 

What’s in Your Wine? Costing Tips for Better Accounting
American – but some points for us Canadians too. 

Need Another Incentive to Move to Lightweight Glass? How About $2.2 Million over 14 Years?
That’s a pretty good argument. 

The Disenfranchised
On those left outside the wine market. 

All Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank Closure Leaves Wine Industry Clients in the Weeds

Fed Seizure of Bank with Ties to Wine Industry Leaves Some Worried
I’d say so. 

Bank Closure a Blow to Wine Industry
An introduction and summary. 

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