Articles & Resources for June 11th, 2023

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In the Farm & In the Cellar
The Wine Business

In the Farm & In the Cellar

BC Wine News

BC Acreage Report

2022 BC Annual Crop Assessment

The Evolving Style of Pinot Noir in British Columbia
The very controversial article.

Soil, Terroir, & Sustainabilty

Why California Wineries are Obsessed with this 32-year-old Geologist
The title sucked me right in. Wine geologist? Very cool. And, her podcast Roadside Terroir is excellent.

Galen Barnhardt: How to Do Better than Being Less Bad
“Grammatical nightmare” aside (ha) Galen does an excellent job of thinking through different responses to vineyard environmentalism. I will say – most recycling isn’t even “less bad” as it tricks people into thinking they’re doing good when 90% of recycling ends up in the landfill.

Vintality: Geology and Wine
A fun, short video on our Insta on evaluating geology and how it can affect vineyard soil.

The Responsibilities Series – Episode One: Soil Health
As a huge fan of building soil health, one of my concerns with building soil health is it ignores that a healthy soil in the OKV would be scrubland.

Terroir Is Truth: The Timeless Tutelage of Tchelistcheff
It’s hard to fight your genetics.

Varieties and Regions

Word on the Mexican Grapevine
The challenges of making wine in the heat of Mexico.

For a Wine Critic, Experience and Experimentation Age Well
“A lot of people will disagree with things that I wrote. I’ve been told I have a palate of lead.”

Grafted Versus Ungrafted Vines: Francs de Pied Re-opens the Debate
In which the author suggests anecdotes of ungrafted vines outperforming grafted does not stack up.

Inside the Movement to Revive Forgotten Grape Varieties
We meed diversity more than ever now.

Uncomfortable Bedfellows? Burgundy and Natural Wine
An interesting article.


Jamie Goode: What do Wines Need to Age Well?
Acidity (freshness) and the right tannic structures.

The Grape Sleuth: Lucie Morton ’68
A very cool story and life.

The Wine Business

Wine Reviewing & Tasting

Wine Media Is Broken: A Case Study
$250,000 payments and very timely given our main blog on BC Pinot.

We All Know That There is Pay-for-Play in Wine Reviews
And more.

Why Wine Tasting is an Imperfect Science
You don’t say!

Social Media & Marketing

A Guide to Making One-Minute Social Media-Friendly Cooking Videos for Wineries
An awesome, step-by-step walkthrough.

How to Run A High Performing Outbound Sales Campaign
Walking through how to increase conversions and build a campaign.

Sustainability Concerns Drive Interest in Organic, Natural and Alternative Wines
But will it significantly drive purchasing?

Gen Z is Drinking Less
The title says it all.


Bottle Manufacturers, Take Note
Change is coming.

Reusable Packaging Revolution is Close – Experts Say

Wine Business

Tablas Creek Interviews Rob McMillan
Formerly of Silicon Valley Bank.

How Wine Professionals Can Get the Most Out of Winery Visits
Some very basic stuff, some useful tips.

Gen Z is Drinking Less
The title says it all.


A Love Triangle: Wine, Context and Connection
A beautiful article on drinking wine in Lebanon.

The Greek Exception
I’ve really fallen in love with some excellent Greek wine.

Small Amounts of Alcohol May Turn Down Stress in the Brain, Benefiting the Heart
Take that Health Canada!

Armenian Wine May be Thousands of Years Old, but It’s Never Been in More Vogue
I love the history.

NYT: When Wine Becomes Crucial to Cultural Identity
Wine and political power.

Reviving the Ancestral Grapes of Champagne
Very fun, they’re experimenting with their four “ancestral” grapes.

Scientists Identify Ancient Grapes from Byzantine Days
You had me at “Byzantine”.