BCWW: Articles & Resources (21/03/2022)

I hope this week finds you well. We’re trying a new format here (thanks to spam filters blasting our newsletter email links). 

So you’ll find our Articles and Resources section in our blog each week. 

As for this week, it’s very In the Farm and in the Cellar heavy, I think vineyard people are waking up. 

There are a couple of gems on DtC and making small wine markets profitable though. 

  1. In the Farm and In the Cellar
  2. The Wine Business
  3. Fun!

In the Farm & In the Cellar

Is This Too Cool?
Gianluca pushed his vineyard very high. 

2,000 m² of Photovoltaic panels Set to Cover Vineyards in Bordeaux
That’s a lot of aerosols coating those panels. 

The Debate Over Wine Filtration
Potato, potahto. 

Tempranillo Becomes Most Planted Grape in Spain
It’s increasing in popularity too. 

Madeira: Where the Rules of Wine are Turned on Their Head
Part of the fun of wine is there is no rule without an exception. Except this rule. 

How To Become a Winemaker Extraordinaire (by Julien Fayard)
Being reliable. 

Research on Robots in Viticulture
An intro to the HEKTOR project. The upshot is combining different types of robots into an networked system. 

A Celebration of Oxidation
“Truly, there were more things in wine heaven and earth than the text book might allow.” Ha!

Budbreak 2022: Early, Despite Our Chilly Winter (Blame the Lack of Rain)
A look at what’s happening in Cali. It’s also shaping up to be another hot year. 

A Winery Raises Its Voice: How Can “Sustainable” Include Herbicides Like Roundup?
The honest answer: it cannot.

Patagonia: A Dispatch from the End of the World 
It’s fun reading about soils completely different then ours. 

California Wine Ruined by Wildfires Leads Chemists to Analyze Grapes for Smoke
More and more research. Let me know when we’ve solved (but actually a couple of interesting points here).

Langhe Chardonnay: Origin, Viticulture, Winemaking, and More
A profile.

Podcast: A New Focus on Weed Management
Observing what weeds you have is very informative. 

Something Beyond Ourselves
Carbon, winemaking, and ethics at Tim Atkins. 

Mark Arax’s EcoFarm Keynote on Monoculture and Misusing Water
This is a long-ish piece well worth reading. 

Organic Commitments in Champagne Skyrocket in 2021
French Organic Wine Production Increases 22%
Organic and related winemaking is the future. Actually – it’s the present now. 

Life Lessons with Winemaker Zelma Long
“Blending can be taught, but the way you put things together is an art, and that is where my creativity resides.”


The Wine Business

There are Three Important Things in Life
Steven reflects on his life – failures and triumphs – back in 2021. A must read. 

Tanya Morning Star Darling: The Ramble
Being a woman in wine, being a writer, and all that that means. 

Why the Natural Wine Movement Can’t Settle on Its Lingo
This is true for everything. What does organic actually mean? Regenerative? Sustainable?

The Direct-To-Consumer Craze Is Slamming Into Reality
The challenges are real and many. So we adapt.  

How Retailers Are Creating Robust Wine Markets in Smaller U.S. Cities
There is actionable data and insights here. 

The Wine Business

Meanie in a Bottle: An Internet Troll Gives Nonalcoholic Spirits Startups the Spins
Trolling and  wine is a not new combination. 

Kyiv for Wine Lovers
Drinking wine in Ukraine. 

Cult Cabernet Collateral: How Two Men Allegedly Duped Investors with a Tale of Rare Wines
Gold bars? And who said crime doesn’t pay.

The Wine In The Cellar is For More Than Drinking
This article is written for me. Wine, like a book, is a portal. 

The Relationship Between Rioja and Bordeaux? It’s Complicated
Competition makes us better. 

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