Articles & Resources for August 23rd, 2022


Well, its been a few weeks since our last BCWW. Between travel, a new baby, and our busiest season yet time flew by. The plan is to now be back to our weekly schedule (but no promises!) 

Plus… we’ve been digging lots and lots and lots of soil pits.

As everyone is either on vacation or preparing for harvest, we kept this week’s Articles & Resources a little more focused. Interestingly, there’s been a lot of hub-bub about altertnativse to glass bottles these past few weeks so if that’s something you’re into – read away! Of course, there’s much more in the vineyard, winemaking, some wine business data, and more. 

As usual, the three sections:

In the Farm & In the Cellar
The Wine Business

In the Farm & In the Cellar

Harvest & Varietals

Comparing Clusters and Vine Growth in Our Principal Red Rhone Varieties as Harvest 2022 Aproaches
This is a fun comparison of where different varietals are at Tablas Creek. 

Washington Wine Grape Harvest Forecast For 28% Increase In 2022
Mostly positive news from just south of the border.

How has the Vineyard Composition of France Changed Recently?
A very data-driven answer. 


New Wildfires Rage Across Southwestern France
A growing phenomenon there.

‘Earliest Ever’ Bordeaux Harvest Begins
Just another data point. 

Podcast: New Class of Compounds Linked to Smoke Taint in Wines
If you attended the BCGA workshop on smoke taint, this research was also mentioned. 

Soil, Water & Roots

The Value of Digging a Hole
Featuring quotes from yours truly.

Old Vines Dig Deep in the Heat Wave
While this piece is mostly looking at dry farmed vines, I firmly believe that encouraging deep rooting is the most cost-effective means to create climate change resiliency. 

A Napa Filmmaker Looked and Found Roundup, the Weedkiller Tied to Cancer, ‘Everywhere’
It’s called Children of the Vine

Is Microbiology, not Chemistry, the Viticulture and Oenology of the Future?
This is what caught my eye: “Eventually, the researchers hope to propose new rootstock/scion couples capable of associating with the micro-organisms beneficial to the plant.”

5 Innovations to Reduce the Need for Water in the Vineyard
Some very interesting innovations. Unsurprisingly, very water focused.

New Research Finds Key to Billion-Dollar Problem – Grapevine Trunk Disease
This is fascinating research. They seem to have found the main cause of GTD: a combination of reduced iron and hydrogen peroxide. They are optimistic there are cheap, readily available tools to kill these microorganisms producing these harmful chemicals. Over-promising? Probably! But fascinating nonetheless.


The Emotion of Savennières: The Wines of Thibaud Boudignon
This a fascinating, and beautiful, profile. 

A Dachshund’s Ear
Why texture matters in wine.

The Wine Business


2022 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Mid-Year Report
American-focused, but relevant: “While the overall volume of wine shipped across the country so far this year is down 9% from the same period in 2021, at 3.7M cases, the total value is up 3%, at $1.95B.”

DTC Shipment Value Down 18% in July
Again, American-focused. But I don’t think is a surprise. 


Jancis Robinson: Post-COVID Reflections
This is an interesting piece. The question always: how do we make lemonade out of this?

More Americans Are Choosing to Drink Alcohol At Home
Thus a slight shift in marketing. 


 The Market & Marketing

Canadian Wine and Grape Industry Contributes $11.57 Billion in Economic Impact to Canadian Economy
Great. The article also has a link to the new, 3rd edition of the report. 

SipSource Latest Channel Shifting Index (CSI) for On-Premise Hits a Speed Bump
Not really bad news, but there has been a slight shift back to pre-pandemic patterns. 

How Wine Can Keep Its Lead in E-Commerce
Take out the knees! Oh… well I guess better adapting to the different behavior of smartphone order-ers is a good idea too.

What It’s Really Like to Be a Wine Influencer
A real “Day in the Life Of”. But of course, I should’ve worked in tech

Wine Bottles & Closures

Packaging’s Perfect Storm Plays to Bulk’s Strengths
A short piece arguing that bulk wine can particularly take advantage of more sustainable packaging. 

What We Learned Making Boxed Wine, Six Months Later
Overall positive, particularly from a customer perspective. 

NYT: The Problem With Wine Bottles
There has been a growing push to move away from glass. I just saw a piece recently in the Vancouver Sun on this same issue. 

The Hidden Truth of Alternative Wine Bottle Formats
Argues why plastic is likely the best alternative to glass, but why it may not be superior. 

The Elusive Search for the Perfect Eco-Friendly Wine Closure
A look at alternatives.


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