Articles & Resources for June 20th, 2022

How’s your week going? It’s been busy season here, so we’ve been slow getting these out. But we’re perservering!

I hope you and yours are having a great week, life is good, the vines are growing and the wine is selling. 

The three sections: 

  • In the Farm & In the Cellar
  • The Wine Business
  • Fun!

In the Farm & In the Cellar


Necessity and Difficulties of Watering Down One’s Wine and One’s Laws
In French. The lack of standardisation around adding water, and its effect, in winemaking. 

Old-School Winemaking Techniques Are the New Cool in South America
There are a number of stories, ideas, and practices packed into this short article. 

How a Beaujolais Winemaker Kicked Off the Low-Sulfur Revolution
In the 1980s.

Jancis Robinson: What’s Troubling Vintners Today
Labour for sure. 


Winegrowers, We Must “Recover to Improve the Life of the Soil”
An interview with Marc-André Selosse on rescuing vineyard soil. 

Soil Mapping for Fine-Tuned Nutrient Management
Done well, it makes good economic (and farming) sense. 

Stats Can Census of Agriculture
This is cool. There’s a ton of information to examine across many topics. 

Ag Groups Call for Withdrawal of Supreme Court Brief on Glyphosate
Because it would make things even more complicated. 

Oregon Pinot Noir is Renowned. Why Doesn’t the Variety Excel in Washington?
This is an interesting piece, thinking of Oliver-Osoyoos.  “Our soils are completely different. We don’t have limestone [like Burgundy]. We don’t have clay.”

Automated Drones Could Scare Birds off Agricultural Fields
It probably wouldn’t be that hard to setup. 

Climate, Weather & Techniques

BC: Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin
Unsurprising, snow and water levels are way up.

Research: Increased Temperature Due to Climate Change Alter Anthocyanin Concentration and Composition in Berries of Malbec, Merlot, and Pinot Noir in a Cultivar-Dependent Manner
“The other wine-quality variables analyzed (pH, resveratrol, and solids content) were not significantly affected by the high temperatures.”

Breaking Down Frost Protection
AV, mostly about using sprinklers (not a criticism, they do a nice deep dive).

Ways Grape Growers Can Clear the Air To Combat Smoke Taint
Colour me skeptical on some of this tech.

UC Davis to Build New, $5.25M Greenhouse to Protect U.S. Grapevine Collection
This reminds me of the Galet project in France. 

At Napa’s Cain Vineyard and Winery, Planting a New Future Means Learning from the Past
Life after the fire. 

The Wine Business

The Wine Market, Global or Otherwise

The Big Squeeze: Stagflation and Shrinking Wine Margins
Helping you plan ahead. 

Which Countries are Dominated by only a Few Alcohol Suppliers?
Canada almost diversified. 

French Wine Prices Need to Increase by 15-20% to Offset Production Costs

Facing Inflation-Weary Shoppers, Grocers Fight Price Increases
More on that. 

Can Sparkling Wine Fizz in Inflationary Times?
Well… can it!?!?

Constellation’s $4 Billion Bet on Canopy Growth Corp in the Balance
Cannabis as a competitor is not doing well. You’ll notice there’s been very little discussion of its impact on wine in the news. 

Why Are Investor Sentiments High for Duckhorn Portfolio?
A case study on how investors are potentially evaluating a large wine brand. 

Global Beverage Alcohol Rebounds, with Value Reaching US$1.17 Trillion
Good news. 

Survey Further Confirms Market Fight
Short term good news, long term bad news. 

Wine Bottle Foil is Wasteful, Annoying – and Going Away
Thank you! I hate it. How about you?

Wine’s Supply Crisis: Opportunity in Disguise
A good mentor of mine says in pain or crisis there’s always opportunity. 

Wine Sales & Marketing

Consumption of Organic Wines is Maintaining, with Growth of 9% in France
In French. A look at the French organic wine market (and what they’re doing to continue growing). 

Wine’s ‘Natural’ Benefits are Key to Success in 2022 and Beyond
Yes! And with a focus on “local”. 

Podcast: Should Younger Generations Care About Napa Valley Wine?
As always, you need to evolve.

How Wine Can Keep Its Lead in E-Commerce
Make sure your website works on smartphones!

How And Why The Abruzzo Wine Region Of Italy Is Moving From A Low Cost To Ultra-Premium Wine Strategy
I think this provides something of a strategy for BC too. 

In the Wine Industry Where Patience is SOP, PR is Treated as a Double Standard
An argument for allowing your PR person to have time. 

A Silver Lining Beneath Wine’s Dark Cloud
Appeal to “organic”, “sustainable” and “wellness” they say. 


Where Have All the Sommeliers Gone?
A major challenge for restaurants. 

Offensively Inoffensive
Appealing wine in restaurants. 


€200,000 Fine for a Bordeaux Wine that “Deliberately Deceived Consumers”
En Francais. Whoops. 

We Asked 5 Sommeliers: What’s the Most Overrated Napa Wine?
“Napa Cabs are moving into a homogenous territory. They all seem to have the same unexciting building blocks, and this one is no exception.”

Can Beaujolais be a Serious, Ageworthy Wine?
Yes. I love Beaujolais. 

An Easy Ride?
Do we give bubbles too much of a pass?

Why You Hate Chardonnay (And How to Find One You’ll Actually Enjoy)
I don’t hate Chardonnay. But maybe you do. 

NYT: The Surprising, Saline Whites of the Mâconnais
Eric Asimov in Burgundy.

Why Unsung Wine Made Near Rome Is Finally Enjoying a Renaissance
“The exciting and also challenging part of writing about Italian wine is that it is in a constant state of flux. And I’ve been tasting Italian wine on a weekly basis as a wine buyer since 2007. I still learn about new producers and new grapes every day.” That’s how I feel. 

The Best Gear for Drinking Outside
It’s hiking season!

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