The Fertbox™

"The Fertbox system helped us reduce fertiliser use while maintaining yields." (currently hidden in Responsive)

The Future of Fertilisation

Revolutionizing how you fertilise to increase profitability while lowering climate impact.

Balanced Vineyard

Give each vine exactly what it needs bringing balance, and reducing labour, in your vineyard.

Fully Automated

Just drive. The fertiliser tanks mix on the fly and adjust output for tractor speed.

High Quality Fruit

Targeted fertilisation means healthier plants and higher quality fruit. No more fertilising to the lowest common denominator.

Less Fertiliser

Precision means less fertiliser. In our study, nitrogen use was reduced by 30% with no change in yield.

Built by and for Farmers

Technology that works for you, helping you achieve goals that matter.

Balance. Profit. Quality.

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Product Features

Fertilise at a vine-by-vine resolution

Fully automated, requiring no skilled driver.

Use whatever data you want to determine fertiliser needs - soil, blocks, NDVI, etc.

Less labour in management and fertilising.

Improve fruit quality by giving each vine what it actually needs.

Help the environment while helping your farm. Less fertiliser, better results.

Revolutionise How You Feed Your Plants