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What’s up With the Okanagan?

We can never stop asking “Where are we going?”  If you stop and think about how many of your conversations, especially around our work in the wine industry, focus on this very question.  And there’s conflict in the asking. Should we go here or there? Is the answer in the past, a sign we passed along the way, or is it

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electrical conductivity

Why Electrical Conductivity (EC) Survey: Soil Texture & Irrigation Mapping

If you have thoughts, comments, questions: comment below or email me at chris(at) Table of Contents 1. What is an Electrical Conductivity (EC) map? 2. How does the EC survey work? 3. When do you do an EC survey? 4. How do you do an EC survey? 5. How do you interpret an EC map? 6. What is ground truthing?

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