BCWW: Articles & Resources (24/04/2022)

This week we have controversy over wine marketing, a lot of news on what is happening in France, a heavy focus on sustainability, and potential strategies for a challenging market. 

As usual, the three sections: 

  • In the Farm & In the Cellar
  • The Wine Business
  • Fun!

In the Farm & In the Cellar


France Braces for Devastating Frosts (and More International News)
Grape prices in Australia have halved in two years. 

French Winemakers Light Thousands of Candles to Stave off Frost
Wishing them all the best luck. The photos are beautiful.

The French Grape-growers Will Need to Get Used to April Weather
It’s a very reasonable point that we’re very behind the 8-ball in preparing our vineyards for climate change. 


Top Wine Region In Spain Using Old Technique Of ‘Layering’ Century-Old Vines
This has always looked so cool to me. We did a short blog on this a while ago.

Using Alternative Yeasts to Replace Sulfites in Wines
This is very interesting. 


Jancis Robinson Thinks We Need to Go Beyond Sustainability in Wine
Not a surprise as its Jancis – she provides an excellent survey of where we are (and need to go).

Climate Change Pushes French Winemakers to Rethink Age-Old Practices
This article has nothing earth-shattering but does provide a useful overview.

In B.C., Blue Mountain Faces a Vintage Gone up in Smoke
A tough loss.

Resistant Varieties: The Next Step Toward Sustainability
Will consumers agree? At some point, they may have to. 

Trying to Make Sense of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plans for Agriculture
Terry Daynard at it again – breaking down a very complicated topic with clarity and detail.  

How Climate Change is Altering Burgundy’s Wine Identity
It’s hard not to see change as the new normal.

NYT: Another Variable in the Winemaking Process – Climate Change
“We all have an existential crisis. We have to figure out a way to create and find joy in making wine.”

Sustainability Lies in Wine Technology
We need to replace old tools with news ones, so yes.


Interview: Bruce Schneider’s Ukrainian Wine Odyssey
With history and pictures.

Striving for Wine Excellence in the Finger Lakes
Its informative to read about other wine regions aiming for international prominence. 


Scientists Have Revealed the World’s Most Universally-Loved Smell
It’s vanilla. Heavy oak isn’t going anywhere…

Why Wine is Tasted with the Brain, Not the Palate
With pictures!


The TTB Weighs in on ‘Clean Wine’
At least on the health claims – which it says are bogus. 

Reminder: Todd White and Dry Farm Wines are Lying to Your Face
“I’m 110% in support of organic and biodynamic wines in every way, but not because they’re more f*cking nutritious. Biodynamic grapes and the wines that are made from them are likely marginally better for you thanks to zero traces of pesticides and herbicides, and they likely have a slightly different overall chemical composition than a conventionally farmed grape, but “Paleo wines?” Just kill me now.” Ha!

Is Regenerative the New Biodynamic?
“Every year, you are taking a chunk of your nutrients out of the vineyard when you harvest fruit. You must put something back in. Biodynamics argues that all of this can be accomplished with manure and management of cover crops. I doubt it… Steiner rails against the use of salt fertilizers, but this is based on a childlike view of chemistry. Touché

The Wine Business


Global Wine Industry Must Reassess Supply Chain Assumptions and Strategies
A short piece that is just promo for a paid piece – but I think the question is interesting. Will this cause a reliance on more local supply?

How Wine Businesses Can Prosper in an Era of Uncertainty
“Successful wine businesses in 2022 will be those that develop a ruthless and pragmatic approach to their supply chains, product portfolios and market focus.”

TTVG: Wine Report Schedules Spring 2022
This was included as a link-out in the report we shared last week. But if you missed the link, there’s more detail here. 


Exclusive: Wine Spectator Debuts First and Only Video Interview with Ernest Gallo
One of the legends.


Will David Slay the Goliaths?
Tom Wark on lawsuits against two major American wholesalers.  Its not wholly relevant – but it is interesting.

There are More Mergers and Acquisitions in Wine than Ever Before. Here’s Why.
Yet our central bank is still talking about supply chain issues as the major cause of inflation – not the ocean of money they printed.


Red Wine Headaches: Stalking the Causes With Dr. Waterhouse
His crowdfunding campaign struggled but he’s pivoted to a novel way to investigate why we get wine headaches. Still no answers.

Talk-A-Vino Wine News  and Updates
An amalgam of general news on some acquisition, Riedel developments, NFTs, etc.


To Drink Sustainably, Opt for Wine in Aluminum Cans, Not Glass Bottles
I’m a fan of the idea, but I have a hard time picturing it beyond RTD.

It’s the Wine Bottles That Are Getting Really Expensive
If it stays this way long enough, it will force alternative packaging. 


Does Anyone Still Care About Wine Certifications?
They should!

How Bad Are Wine Scores, Really?
If you’re interested in wine scores, give this a read. And to Paul Rickett’s point – only about 1/4 of consumers look at the score.


Wine Marketing’s Victimization of Old Folks
Tom Wark calls baloney.

Do Baseball and Wine Have the Same PR Problems?
An evocative article.

Millennials Are Tired of You Criticizing Their Wine Habits
This isn’t a complicated problem. 

FT: How to Sell New World Wines to the French
It’s been something of an uphill battle. 


My Life and Job as a Personal Wine Consultant
If you’re thinking about a career switch…

How Sommeliers Are Shifting into Wine Retail Ownership
Another career change option! 

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