BCWW: Articles & Resources (02/05/2022)

This week we have a follow up on wine scores, a bunch of new viticultural tools, and is Napa Valley wine too expensive?  

The three sections: 

  • In the Farm & In the Cellar
  • The Wine Business
  • Fun!

In the Farm & In the Cellar


Network of Sensors to Anticipate Mildew Arrival
In French. Interesting, seems like a somewhat low-tech and effective way to capture mildew spores.

Winegrowers Are Recruiting Birds to Their Vineyards
It works very well, the challenge is getting the birds to hang around. 

Moët & Chandon is Testing Two Vineyard Spraying Robots
French. We’ll see commercially-viable vineyard robots long before self-driving cars. 

Giberellic Acid Reduces Risk of Botrytis in Grapevines
French. Interesting what they’re basing it on gibberellin. Apparently a cheap product, but I doubt we can get it here?

5 Innovations to Reduce the Need for Water in the Vineyard
We are going to need to significantly reduce our water usage. But there also needs to be tools to make this feasible for farmers/wineries. 


In Search of the Best Yeast for Wines of the Future
This is quite interested, they used Ionys and Concerto yeasts. “A higher acidity would make it possible to structure and balance wines with a high alcohol content, while meeting new consumer expectations.”

Defects in 75% of Bordeaux Wines Without Added Sulphites
French. Positively, it also seems like sulphites are not the actual cause of wine “allergies”. 

Michel Chapoutier Suggests Rehydrating Wines to Reduce Alcohol
Aka adding water. 


Organic is not a Miracle Solution to Economic Difficulties
French. It’s not a miracle, but its profitable. 

Several Ways to Bring Winegrowing Soils Back to Life
French. In the pursuit of earthworms. 

Video: Building Microbial Communities
This is a really practical presentation, with clear chapters if you want to jump to any specific topic. 

Napa King Cabernet’s Climate Threat
It’s not just France. 

Regenerative Viticulture Foundation Launched to Promote Soil Health Restoration
Another tool.


The Meaning Of Resilience
Samantha O’Keefe is an impressive figure. 

Reconciling the Racism of Rudolf Steiner
A topic that will never go away. 

“It’s the Nitrogen, Stupid!”: The Backstory of Biodynamics
I’m skeptical of some of Steiner’s claims: “all mineral fertilizers … contribute to a degeneration … a deterioration of agricultural products.”

Yale Scientist Discovers Drug That May Prevent Loss of Taste and Smell in COVID Patients
Keep in mind this hasn’t been peer-reviewed, but this is promising. 

Not According to Plan: A Conversation with Christmann & Kauffmann
Germans making Champagne-quality sparkling in Germany. 

The Wine Business


WSJ: Who Can Afford Napa Now? Not This Wine Columnist
The WSJ argues that Napa wine (and the entire experience) has gotten too expensive. 

The Stratospheric Cost of Napa Valley is a VERY GOOD THING
Tom Wark responds: “As Napa Valley prices out the middle class, those folks don’t lose interest in wine. They gain interest in more affordable experiences. This in turn will allow these other regions to increase their prices and reap more profits—leading to more jobs and more investment.

What Does it Mean That Napa Valley is too Pricey for the Wall Street Journal?
Tablas Creek brings their winery experience to the argument. 


Owning a Winery is the Drinkable Dream, but ‘You’ll Never Work Harder’
I hate to break this shocker to you. 

Meet Janet Dorozynski, Canada’s Wine Ambassador
“[Canada is gaining prominence internationally] by organizing tastings and providing opportunities to trade and connecting media so they can meet companies and learn and write about our products.”

The Investment Opportunity in Willamette Valley Wine Country is Huge
I’ve shared this because I believe you could replace “Williamette Valley” with “The Okanagan”. 

Steve Lohr on Building a Sustainable Wine Business
J. Lohr on why it’s gone sustainable. I’m curious how California’s “Certified Sustainable” compares to SWBC.


‘Clean Wine’ in Cans: Avaline Launches Cans for the White & Rosé
If its good enough for Cameron Diaz’s “clean wine” it’s good enough for you! Let me know when they partner with Goop. 

The Great Clean Wine Controversy: Can People Stop Vilifying Her, Please?
Someone goes to bat for “clean wine.”


When it Comes to Wine, is Plastic Actually Fantastic?
How do we make it acceptable? Or even – should we? 

Global Rosé Market Q&A
Who buys it, how much does it cost, is there easy money in Rose? 

FT: How to Survive 50 Years in the Wine Trade
Not easily. 

Get Ready for a Sparkling Wine Boom
By the numbers, it’s already happening. 


It Isn’t Polite to Point
Terry Thiese wades into the discussions on wine scores. 

How Do You Know if a Wine Has Gone Bad?
I’m afraid that a lot of wine that a consumer picks up has gone bad – and they don’t know it. 

VinePair Podcast: The Enduring Mystery of Cult Wines
This is a fun conversation.

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