Articles & Resources for November 14th, 2022

Hey, I hope harvest has gone well and ferments are bubbling away! 

We’ve been so buys for the last couple of months we’ve missed our newsletter and these posts. Well, we’re back! And now that harvest is winding down, hopefully you have more time to dig in. 

As well, you’ll have to be extra forgiving of any errors – we’re on our way to Vinitech 2022 in Bordeaux and are finishing this up on a small laptop in YVR. 

If you’re going there, drop us a line as we’ll be grabbing some wine in Bordeaux with colleagues and clients who are making the trip. 

Allons-y, per usual the 3 sections:


In the Farm & In the Cellar
The Wine Business

In the Farm & In the Cellar

South African Vineyards Test Putting an End to Irrigation
A very short piece but showing some additional data. Will BC need to start this research? 

Tablas Creek Levels Up Organic Practices to Regenerative
What Tablas is doing with some of its regenerative practices. 

How Bees And Bats Help Bordeaux Create High Quality Sustainable Wines
It takes a long term mindset.

Research: How Grape Skins Affect Tempranillo
Research on combating the divergence of phenological and technological maturation through the addition of insoluble polysaccharides from grape skin cell walls.

A Pruning Webinar (in French)
With a focus on adapting to climate change. 

Meet the Real People Making the Most Popular Wines in America
I’m actually a big fan of big wine brands as they make accessible wine. It brings consumers into the market who aren’t into “minerality” or weird wines that appeal to more “sophisticated” pallets. All hale the everyman winemakers. 

Wineries Embrace Worms in the Fight to Conserve Water
Using “vermifiltration” to process waste water. You learn new words every day.

Don’t Stop ‘Til the Beat Drops: The Effect of Micro-Vibrations on Wine Quality During Storage
There’s a bit of evidence avoiding micro vibrations helps with bottle quality over time. 

Podcast: Sustainable Vineyard Management Across Different Climates
This is one of the challenges of regen in the Okanagan – much of what works in California or the Midwest doesn’t here. We need our own answers. 

Farming Drives Toward ‘Precision Agriculture’ Technologies
At Vintality, we think so. We need it to become more antifragile. 

NZ Winery Uses Terroir ‘Fingerprint’ to Verify Fine Wine Origin
I’ve put this here because I believe this is possible in reverse – to create great wines via fingerprinting. 

Why So Many Winemakers Are Embracing Agroforestry
This needs to become part of new vineyard designs. 

The Wine Business

Leading Wine Professionals Sign Letter Calling for Alternative Packaging
Will consumers change?

What Will The Holiday Season Be Like For Wine and Spirits?
How are sales looking for you so far?

The Wine World’s Haves and Have-Nots
Are sommeliers the real source of the wine world’s pretention?

(U.S.) Infographic on Consumer Holiday Spending
Useful and quickly digestible.

Wine-Interest Usage of Social Media
Take a peak at what those under- and over-40 are doing.

How to Source and Sell Wine Sustainably
Walks you through it.

Canada: Brand & Ad Restrictions in the Global Wine Sector
A great walkthrough and detail from Wine Drops.

Devil’s Advocate – Tough(er) Times Ahead
An argument that we’re heading or a recession that will hit the wine industry. 

Fine Wine Optimism Prepares for Reality Check
More negative sentiment vs. a maybe overoptimistic fine wine market. This is a small segment of the market though.  

Demand for Super-Premium Wine and Spirits Heading for Potential Slump in US
More of the same. 

The Wine Industry Didn’t Just weather the Pandemic. It Grew.
Now for some good news.

How To Lose $100M
…or why wine is a bad bet for venture capital $$$.

Is Natural Wine Losing Its Cool Factor?
That was fast. 


Wines That Stop You In Your Tracks
Seeking transcendent experiences.

Santorini –  Pure Escapism
As if we needed Jancis to give us more reasons to visit Santorini.

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